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Our partnership with crisis management experts red24 allows us to provide you with 24-7 security assistance services as part of your membership.

red24 provides round the clock advice and the support of 400 specialists worldwide who aim to reduce the risk of things going wrong whilst overseas, and to be at hand for security related concerns and incidents like:

  • You and your family need to be evacuated from a civil uprising in your host country
  • You need the low-down on what to do and where to go after an earthquake
  • You’ve been assaulted, your passport and personal belongings have been stolen and you need assistance in dealing with the authorities
  • You’re moving to a new city and want to know the safe and dangerous parts of town
  • You’re relocating to a part of the world you have never visited and want advice on the culture and customs of the country

There are two levels of red24 cover available free of charge to our members. Both levels of cover offer access to the 24-7 travel assistance phone line, travel safety text alerts and full access to red24’s continuously updated website with information on visiting over 230 territories and countries and over 160 cities.


AdviceLine provides tailored information before you travel as well as expert advice at the end of the phone wherever you are. Available on all new and renewed UltraCare plans.


ActionResponse services provides all the support of AdviceLine, plus support on the ground, including an emergency expatriation in the event of civil unrest which threatens the safety of you and your family. Available on all new and renewed UltraCare Comprehensive, Elite and UltraCare International Schools Gold plans.

red24’s ActionResponse service offers peace of mind to our members, safe in the knowledge that your plan incorporates access to advice, help, and evacuation, when facing a potentially dangerous situation that threatens the safety of you or your family abroad.

While red24’s operational footprint is extensive across the globe, there are areas of extreme risk where it may not be possible for red24 to provide a response. A list of these countries and regions can be found on the red24 website and is updated as world events change.

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