To make claiming your reimbursement as quick and easy as possible, you can scan and send your claim form, itemised invoice and receipts via the online submission form.

To enable an accurate and timely assessment of a claim it is important that the scanned claim documents meet the following criteria:

  1. The scanned image of the claim form and invoice(s) must be in colour.
  2. A separate scan should be made for each claim, for each medical condition and for each member, and sent in the following order:
    • fully completed claim form with all sections completed and signed by the member and treating doctor;
    • medical reports attached if applicable;
    • relevant itemised bills;
    • relevant receipts;
    • a copy of the prescription if medication forms part of the claim;
    • any other relevant supporting documentation.
  3. The scanned image must be clear and all text must be legible.
  4. The scanned image must be straight and aligned, with all parts of the document being clearly visible, for example, edges are not to be cut off.
  5. Text is to be consistent throughout the document.
  6. All borders around boxes must be clear and consistent with no breaks.
  7. The original claim form must be marked “SCANNED TO INTERGLOBAL” and it must be dated with the date of the scan before you scan and send it to InterGlobal.
  8. If the scanned claim does not meet these criteria, we will advise you and explain that the claim cannot be accepted. You will therefore need to send the original documentation to us in the normal way for an assessment to be made on your claim.
  9. We may from time to time request original documentation as part of our on-going auditing activity. Therefore you should keep the original documentation for a period of 12 months in addition to any local regulations, and these must be provided to InterGlobal within 14 days on request.
  10. We may, in exceptional circumstances or for verification or other purposes, still request the original documentation before we can agree to pay a claim. If this is the case, we will let you know as soon as possible after we have received your scanned documents but no later than 14 days.

We cannot begin the claim assessment process if the scan quality is not acceptable, or the submission is incomplete.

It is important that any claim you send to us is sent either by scan or originals but not both. Therefore scanned claims not marked “SCANNED TO INTERGLOBAL” will not be accepted.

If you need any help or advice, please contact the claims team that administers your plan. You do not need to contact the International Helpline for pre-authorisation.

Alternatively, email the office that administers your plan:

Middle East: