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We may also use what is known as “client-side page tagging,” which uses code on each page to write certain information about the page and the visitor to a log when a page is rendered by your web browser. This technique is also commonly used on commercial websites. “Tagging” does result in a JavaScript program running on your computer, but it is limited to providing information about the page that you are requesting and the configuration of your browser. It will not read any of your data files or execute any additional programs. It does not extract any personal information about you, such as your name or address. You can prevent tagging by disabling JavaScript in your browser, but that may prevent you from using all of our website’s functions.

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You can also delete cookies that have previously been added to your computer’s cookie file.
In order to develop our website in line with customer needs, we use Google Analytics to track usage on our website. Google Analytics provides us with global statistics to show us which pages on our website are visited most frequently and how long visitors spend on our website. We use this information to help us plan how we can improve the website.

Google Analytics uses a cookie to track the number of unique users of the site. It tells us whether we have a small number of regular visitors to the website or a large number of infrequent visitors. None of the information can be traced to an individual – we do not know who you are as a unique user, merely that there are a certain number of people using the website. The cookie only relates to what goes on in the Aetna International website and the information cannot be used for marketing on an individual basis. For more information about how Google Analytics collects data, please read their Privacy Policy.

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Please visit Interactive Advertising Bureau UK to discover how to disable and delete cookies.

Cookies and secure member website

For security purposes, we use cookies to track user log-in attempts.  After three unsuccessful user login attempts, the user ID is suspended. This prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to our website. With a successful login we set a cookie. By allowing us to remember your successful login you are giving your consent to set the cookie.

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