At InterGlobal, we’re committed to helping expatriates get the very best from their international medical insurance plan. We provide our plans, including international UK medical insurance to thousands of members around the world. Our combination of friendly, positive customer service and innovative health insurance plans has been acknowledged with industry awards, such as the Cover Excellence award of International PMI Company of the Year for five years running.

With our international UK health insurance products, we give our members the medical cover they need as they travel round the world. We offer worldwide medical insurance in the UK to provide varying levels of cover. For example, our UltraCare plans cover individuals, families and business professionals, whilst our UltraCare International Schools plans have been tailored specifically for teachers working abroad.

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Worldwide UK health insurance

We recognise that people want different things from their expat health insurance plans. That’s why we offer a variety of customisation options, allowing you to get an international UK medical insurance plan that accommodates your budget, whilst providing you with the level of cover you need. Members can also benefit from our optional plans. You can enhance your international health insurance in the UK with travel, personal accident or maternity add-on plans.

Each one of our plans is delivered by our teams of experienced professionals in offices around the world. They have a vast amount of experience in the industry – holding significant knowledge of the UK, and its insurance laws and regulations. This means that you can always feel confident you’ll get worldwide health insurance in the UK that complies with the local regulations.

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