At InterGlobal, we’re known for our innovative international health insurance products, our person-centred approach to customer care, and our specialist knowledge of the markets we deliver our insurance plans to. We have thousands of members around the world, ranging from frequent business travellers to expatriates in Vietnam.

Our UltraCare plans are underwritten by BaoViet, one of the country’s leading finance insurance groups, to offer locally regulated worldwide health insurance to our members in Vietnam. When choosing which insurers we work with, we take a stringent approach. We only work with reputable organisations that have the right financial security, support and expertise – in line with our core values.

To find out more about global health insurance in Vietnam, speak to the team at BaoViet by calling +84 8 3825 8416 or get a quote here.

Vietnam health insurance through BaoViet

We offer a range of different worldwide health insurance plans for people living or working in Vietnam. We’ve designed plans to suit individuals, families, business people and teachers who require international medical insurance in Vietnam.

You can choose between varying levels of coverage – ranging from UltraCare Standard which provides full cover up to the overall plan limit for hospitalisation, to UltraCare Elite which provides full cover up to the overall plan limit for out-patient treatment. We also offer a selection of additional insurance benefits, which can be added to your global Vietnam health insurance plan, such as a maternity add-on plan.

All of our international Vietnam medical insurance products are delivered by BaoViet’s experienced team of professionals. They have an extensive knowledge of the region and the country’s regulations, enabling you to rest assured you’re receiving the best local service possible.

Contact BaoViet today to find out more about our global Vietnam health insurance products on +84 8 3825 8416, or get a quote here.

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